Dow Jones Industrial Average pushed bears into a corner and forced to pray

Dow Jones Industrial led the market for clean water

In brief: Dow Jones Industrial Average gave bulls expanse on the battlefield against the Bears. Further growth in the U.S. stock market has become irreversible. Investors gladly look at economic statistics.

Dow Jones Industrial Average is growing and has provided substantial support to all major stock market indexes. On Thursday, May 27, major indexes of U.S. stock market in the first half of the trades have shown positive dynamics. News from China cheered investors, despite the fact that the macro-economic indicators released today were worse than forecast.

The main indicator of blue-chip Dow Jones rose by 2,196% to the value of 10 193.5 points, more “broad” index of S & P 500 rose to 2,444% and reached 1 094.05 points. The index is fairly high-tech stocks on Nasdaq fully grown 2,833% up to 2 258.1 points. Thus, the government “Celestial” denied the rumors on the reduction of reserves denominated in euros. Representatives of the State Monetary Authority today announced that Europe was and remains the main investment market for foreign exchange reserves of China. As articulated macro-economic statistics today, there is focus on two most important indicators. The number of primary applications for unemployment benefits last week fell from 471 thousand to 460 thousand, whereas the expected decrease to 455 thousand revised GDP in the first quarter grew 3%, whereas, according to preliminary data, the value of the index for the period increased by 3,2%, and analysts do foreshadowed GDP growth of 3,4%.

Ukrainian Globalist
2010-05-27 17:10, Economics.

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