Dow Jones Industrial Average may fall against the background of a new financial scandal

Dow Jones will try to finish the week in positive area

In brief: Dow Jones Industrial Average did the impossible yesterday. The growth index was the highest on the results of yesterday's trading on the U.S. stock market.

Dow Jones Industrial Average will start today’s trading cautiously after growth in trading yesterday. Dow Jones Industrial rose for the day on +284.54 points (2.85%) yesterday. The index showed not only stability, but also resistance to the negative statistics from different corners of the world. Today’s trading on the U.S. stock market for Dow Jones will begin with a mark of 10,258.99.

Meanwhile, today’s trading may begin with minor notes. In New York there was a new financial scandal. CEO of the investment company Starr Investment Advisors Kenneth Starr on Thursday, May 27, is charged with establishing a financial pyramid. The text of the lawsuit states that the victims of a financial fraudster was the former manager of an unnamed hedge fund and a well-known philanthropist. Among the clients of Starr Investment Advisors number is also an actress Uma Thurman and the famous Hollywood director Martin Scorsese. To simulate the payment of dividends on deposits Starr transfer money from one client account to another. He also tried to conceal the theft, inventing convoluted history. Thus, the blame for failure to pay the promised dividends to one of the millions of victims of fraud (in the figures as “client number 7″), he laid on the Venezuelan Minister and Brigadier-General. In the dock will be also a business partner Andrew Starr Stein, who is accused of trying to cover up a scheme of financial fraud manager Starr Investment Advisors. In addition, according to investigators, Stein deceived wealthy clients, urging them to invest in non-existent projects. Thus obtained the money it transfers to the accounts Starr.

Pavel Migin
2010-05-28 10:07, Economics.

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