The exchange rate euro starts the bulls’ game

Exchange rate euro could win this rally

In brief: Bulls were able to find support for further stabilization and growth of the euro exchange rate. Foreign exchange analysts assert that the euro will remain at 1.23 at the end of the week.

The exchange rate euro starts to give hope bulls. European currency showed a growth on Thursday and is now entrenched rate higher than $ 1.23. Week for the euro’s turned out quite volatile. Australian dollar throughout the session on Thursday showed growth in relation to the dollar. The range of trades for the pair AUD / USD 0.82-0.8528. The current rate of 0.8515.

Realized sales of CBI in the UK in May -18 vs. 13. The British pound rose on Thursday on the session against the U.S. dollar. Bidding for the pair GBP / USD were in the range 1.4365-1.4606. Current exchange rate 1.4565. Preliminary data for U.S. GDP growth rate in the first quarter 3.0% the quarter against forecast of 3.5%. Number of applications for unemployment benefits during the week before May 22, 460 thousand vs. 450 thousand range trades on EUR / USD 1.2153-1.2394. The current value at 1.2340. From the news today, which may impact on exchange rates is worth paying attention to the KOF economic barometer in Switzerland in May (prognosis 2.04), balance of payments in Canada in the first quarter (-9.0 billion forecast of Canadian dollars), an index of business activity in U.S. in May (forecast 62.2), personal income in the U.S. in April (forecast 0.5% m / m), personal spending in the U.S. in April (forecast 0.3% m / m).

Anrey Torbinski
2010-05-28 12:02, Currency news.

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