Dow Jones Industrial Average expected for new attack of the bulls

Dow Jones continues to be led by the bears

In brief: Dow Jones Industrial Average did not take over the landmark bullish trend and continues to lose ground. Trading volume on the Dow Jones index falling.

Dow Jones Industrial Average went up for sale with a bad mood. Index falls to year and a half hours. Played a negative role of the regular statistics of the local scale. Chicago business index in May, 59.7 points, predicted 62 points, the previous value of 63.8 points. Dow Jones is looking for support in the positive statistics from Europe, but this attempt is unsuccessful.

Thus, U.S. stock trading opened today, a decrease of all indices. Personal expenses of the U.S. population in April remained at the level of the previous month, while incomes rose by 0,4%. The second part of the statistics showed improved business climate in New York in May. The euro to dollar strengthened slightly against the big favor of investors to risk, rather than a few days earlier. Quotations Apple Inc. rose by 1,3% due to the promotion iPad tablet to markets in Europe, Asia and Australia. Wall Street will be closed Monday in honor of Memorial Day.

Pavel Migin
2010-05-28 14:55, Economics.

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