Dow Jones Industrial Average: Bulls run away from the market

Dow Jones does not lose hope for recovery by the end of trading on the market

In brief: Dow Jones Industrial Average may not reach the green zone because of the steady behavior of bears in the first half of trading on the stock market.

The U.S. stock market continues to fever. Trading volume on the market constantly decreasing. There is tremendous pressure from the bears on the index of blue-chip Dow Jones Industrial Average. Loss of interest on short-term looks imminent. Dow Jones does not go in plus after the new economic statistics.

Dow Jones Industrial Average is in a state of sleep. Low trading volumes in the market bulls do not give chances to take power into their own hands. At this time, Dow Jones is at the level of 10,199.73 points. By the second half of the trading session Dow index lost -59.26 points (-0.58%). Global financial markets continue to struggle with short-term effects of the debt crisis in Greece, while the most important problem that can manifest itself in the long term, remains unresolved – the likelihood that Greece will have to restructure its debt. “Let’s be very specific and concrete” – the chairman of the European Union, Herman Van Rompuy. – Greek package does not contain any provisions on debt restructuring. “However, for analysts, this topic is not a taboo. Anti-crisis measures to reduce the budget deficit of Greece, slowing growth in its economy, and restraining lending rates in the interbank market does not leave Greece other choice but to restructure its national debt, according to managing director of Pacific Investment Management Co.

Ukrainian Globalist
2010-05-28 16:05, Economics.

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