Dow Jones Industrial Average: losses begin to grow

Bad statistics are not even a chance to grow for Dow Jones Industrial Average

In brief: U.S. Stock market is gradually coming under control of bears. Brokers do not run the risk of increased trading volumes in anticipation of the weekend. Dow Jones Industrial Average is the victim of mixed statistics.

Stock market holds quite boring bidding. U.S. stock markets did not grow up in trading volumes and continued a steady decline down. The first victim of circumstances and future output is Dow Jones Industrial Average. Losses Dow Jones index does not seem catastrophic, but the decline does not promise good trades on Monday.

Most likely, the auction will end today at a minor note. Now Dow Jones index is approaching 10,213.64 points. The daily loss of -45.35 points (-0.44%). Restoring the market is unlikely because of the bad data from Japan. Analysts Moody’s Investors Service lowered the rating of the second-largest Japanese consumer lender Promise to a level below the investment, saying that the business model used by the bank, was ineffective. Trading on the U.S. stock market seems to end in negative area. There remains only one question – how big is negative?

Anrey Torbinski
2010-05-28 16:18, Economics.

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