Robert Pattinson told the truth about vampires from “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” movie

The movie “The twilight saga: new moon” and its backstage from Robert Pattinson

In brief: Robert Pattinson told about the movie “The twilight saga: new moon” and about his attitude to vampires and vampirism popularity

The second part of the movie “The twilight saga: new moon” has become the real hit of this year. It is expected to earn $750 million handles until the end of December. It is going to set a new record. But the matter is not only in great handles for the creators of the movie and popularity of Robert Pattinson who played the main role.

The pretty man has been named Great Patison in several countries. But the actor is not offended at the interpretations of his surname because anyway it accentuates his popularity.
15 millions users try to download the movie.

Pattinson has recently been interviewed during which he told about his hobby of vampirism and reveal some secrets of the film “The twilight saga: new moon”.

The truth about vampires and horrible New moon

During the film one of the operators almost died on the stage. His leg occurred in hunting trap in the forest. Pattinson said it had been primal fear. But everything passed and the operator was hospitalized.

According to Pattinson’s words after long lasting film and growing accustomed to the role it is natural to begin thinking about the real existing of vampires.

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