Jinchuan stop all work in China

New challenges for nickel market

In brief: China stops production of nickel. The situation may change soon.

The main producer of nickel in China, “Jinchuan Group Ltd” to stop nickel furnace in the Chinese province of Gansu to carry out repairs. This was stated by the representatives of the concern. It is assumed that the repair of the unit will take 140 days.

As we know, this oven produces nickel matte – semi-fabricated material, which is used for the production of refined nickel. In 2009, the unit produced a matte for the production of more than 60 thousand tons of refined nickel. As predicted, this year the Chinese group will produce about 130 thousand tons of nickel, as well as 6 tons of cobalt. This figure almost coincides with the production results for the past year, but significantly higher than the 2006 results. Company “Jinchuan Group Ltd” is a leading producer of nickel and cobalt in China. Annual profit Jinchuan average 6.016 billion yuan.

Anrey Torbinski
2010-05-30 10:44, Commodities.

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