The issue of the visa regime between Russia and the EU becomes particularly acute

EU don't need to simplify visa regime with Russia

In brief: Another round of talks between the Russian Federation and the European Union will soon begin. Russian citizens can travel to the EU without a visa in 2010.

Technical obstacles to visa-free regime between Russia and the EU have been removed, confident in Moscow. Meanwhile, the EU does not hurry with the exact date, only limited terms of the abolition of visas. The Russian side expects to hear about the vision of this issue at the European Union EU-Russia summit in Rostov-on-Don, which will be held from 31 May to 1 June. Now it’s time for a political solution, said Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko. “The introduction of visa-free regime between Russia and the EU – is one of the pillars of strategic partnership”, – said Grushko.

He noted that “the boundaries should be permeable to the law-abiding citizens, and impervious to any kind of crime.” In his view, the EU already have all the safeguards to make the transition to a visa-free regime as soon as possible. “All the necessary ingredients to go to visa-free travel between the citizens of Russia and the EU already exist”, – the diplomat said. According to him, the abolition of the visa regime is possible in the near future if the purpose of “political will”. In addition, Grushko gave an example of a successful introduction of temporary visa-free regime. In particular, during the Champions League final in Moscow between English clubs Chelsea and Manchester United Russia unilaterally do not require visas from football fans. “And no national security does not arise here,” – stated Grushko. He also recalled that the Russian diplomats should not get a visa for entry into the EU. Along with that, “between Russia and the EU signed agreements on simplification of visa procedures, as well as with every country in the European Union signed a protocol. “We hope that the summit in Rostov-on-Don will give a movement toward visa-free regime, recently held a series of contacts both at the working level, and the political. Our feelings are that our partners are already aware that it is impossible remain in position in 2004, when we first formulated the problem of transition to a visa-free regime “, – the diplomat said. European diplomats to such great hopes are placed. According to the head of the EU in Russia, Fernando Valenzuela, the EU will not determine the exact timing of the introduction of visa-free regime, but rather affect the steps that have to be done in this direction.

“I do not think that the EU has been eager to develop a” road map “, at least in regard to the exact dates of transition to a visa-free regime”, – said Valenzuela. The Russians will soon be able to fill out questionnaires on a Schengen visa in Russian. The EU representative in Russia also made a remark about the process of obtaining visas. He said that soon Russian citizens will be able to fill out forms in Russian. Then as now, most EU countries require that questionnaires filled out in English or the language of the country, the visa is requested. “The new visa Code provides that all of the forms to obtain a Schengen visa must be filled in the language of the country the applicant. So it is planned that when all the consulates of EU member states will reach a new form, applicants can fill them in Russian,” – he said. Recall that the new visa Code came into force on 5 April 2010. According to this document, questionnaires to obtain visas for all EU countries should be harmonized. Furthermore, now the Embassy should explain the reasons for visa refusal.

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2010-05-30 15:02, Society.

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