Apple is in a quandary

The criminal case threatens Apple

In brief: U.S. Department of Justice began an investigation regarding possible violations by Apple. The investigation may show all the internal problems of the company.

U.S. Department of Justice sent a request to a number of major U.S. media and technology companies in connection with suspicion of Apple in the abusive conduct of business. Previously, the Office was interested in politics Apple’s distribution market through the music tracks belonging to the company online store iTunes.

The downloaded from this “supermarket” music can be heard exclusively on the gadgets and programs brand Apple – iPod, iPhone, Apple TV or on the iTunes. Now, according to The New York Post, Ministry of Justice began to look to how Apple works on other major areas of online-media. In particular, we are talking about the technology of streaming Flash, which is widely used on the Internet. Dissatisfaction with other companies is that Apple refuses to use the technology of Flash-animation in their popular products – iPhone and iPad. And it will automatically terminate multimedia producers substantial part of consumers of its products among the fans of Apple. No Flash does not work, in particular, a huge number of popular websites. In addition, the lack of Flash support is fraught with reduced advertising revenues: a substantial portion of online advertising created using this technology.

Pavel Migin
2010-05-30 15:15, Society.

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