UN Security Council holds emergency meeting: there is a danger of new war

Arab countries threaten Israel

In brief: The world faces the threat of a new war began. Arab countries can not forgive Israel an unprecedented attack on the peace fleet.

The threat of a third world war is real. It was said by the well-known in Britain politician Aaron Hughes. According to him, Israel has made more than a rash move that could cost the country too much. “The Arab countries, even those who belonged to the Tel Aviv loyal in a state of near rage, and an apology from the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs was never …” – Said Aaron Hughes.

Israel made a fatal error, – supported Hughes’ representatives of three European countries. At the moment, the UN Security Council holds an emergency public meeting in connection with the incident in international waters with humanitarian convoy en route to Gaza. Prior to this, Council members met in closed consultations. Meeting of UN Security Council was convened on the initiative in Turkey, after Israeli forces attacked walking in Gaza a humanitarian convoy. The attack killed 19 and injured several others. Recall that today, the Israeli coastguard, without any warning, stormed six vessels “peace flotilla”, heading to the shores of Gaza with a cargo of humanitarian aid.

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2010-05-31 22:10, Society.

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