Forbes’s TOP overrated actors

The US magazine Forbes has presented the TOP-10 overrated Hollywood actors

In brief: Among most overrated actors in Hollywood are Evan McGregor and Tom Cruise.

Forbes magazine has rated Hollywood actors according to benefits of their movies and their salaries. Thus the TOP-10 most overrated actors has been presented.

The top position of this list belongs to Will Ferrell. Film studios obtain only $3.29 benefit from every $1 of investments. The second one is Evan McGregor. Investments in his roles bring $3.75 benefit from each $1. Billy Bob Thornton is the third overrated actor. Investments in his movies bring back to film studios just $4 from each $1. Eddie Murphy occupies the forth position with $4.43 deductions to studio’s budget from each $1of investments.

Also among most overrated actors are
5. Ice Cube – $4.77
6. Tom Cruise – $7.18
7. Drew Barrymore – $7.43
8. Leonardo DiCaprio – $7.52
9. Samuel L. Jackson – $8.59

And the last position is occupied by Jim Carrey – $8.62.

At the same time the most valued Hollywood actor Schayan LaBeouf brings back to studios $160 from each $1 of their investments.

Thus the fame of such actors as Tom Cruise and Leo DiCaprio is not so profitable for the film studios.

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2009-11-24 10:38, Society.

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