Dow Jones industrial average is preparing a nasty surprise for the bears

Dow Jones industrial average is waiting for bulls counter

In brief: Start trading on the U.S. stock market begins to attack bulls. Dow Jones industrial average index is preparing a nasty surprise for the Bears. Dow Jones industrial average is preparing a stronghold for stable growth.

Dow Jones industrial average starts the week of raising quotations on futures trading. Growth of Dow Jones would be extremely difficult due to the bad news from stock exchanges in Asia and the mixed dynamics on European stock exchanges. Investors believe in the Dow Jones industrial average, but refer to the index with caution. The overall growth rate of the index will be between 0,5-1%.

European stocks rose in the course of yesterday’s trading, receiving support from overseas in the person of the Head FRB of Chicago, Charles Evans, who said that the U.S. economy will continue to recovery, despite the credit crunch in the euro area, while noting that the problems in Europe can force the Fed to postpone raising the base rate in the U.S.. Market such statements had to “taste”, foreshadowing the preservation of cheap funding for at least this year. On the other hand is itself the situation in Europe remains grave: consumer confidence in the euro zone continues to fall, unemployment – to grow. Asian indexes today are reduced to background news about slowing the growth of Chinese economy (China PMI index in May fell to 53.9 p, against 55,7 forth in April) and the strengthening of the yen, due to political instability in Japan, podstegnuvshey local demand for defensive assets – Japanese bonds. MSCI Asia Pacific Index lost 0.5%,

Pavel Migin
2010-06-01 09:29, Economics.

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