Dow Jones industrial average will be the object of interest of all investors today

Average Dow Jones industrial hopes for bulls

In brief: Trading volumes in the U.S. can break the record of May. European and Asian stock markets show volatility yesterday, all players are waiting for the opening of trading Dow Jones industrial average.

Bidding on Monday marked was low-active due to lack of U.S. players, who have gone for the weekend. At the same time, all the hopes of investors and speculators are trading around the U.S. stock market today. The main priority of becoming blue chips, more precisely – Dow Jones industrial average. While brokers fear the negative impact of stock exchanges in Europe and Asia. At the vovent of time Dow Jones is near 10,160 points.

Japan. Industrial production in April of 1.3% m / m vs. 2.6% m / m The index of purchasing managers in the industry in May, 54.7. Selected new homes in April, 0.6% y / y vs. 6.6% y / y. As a result of trade Monday, the yen weakened slightly against the U.S. dollar. The range of fluctuations of the pair USD / JPY 90.91-91.61. The current rate of 90.80. Eurozone. The M3 monetary base in April, -0.1% YoY vs. -0.2% y / y. The volume of borrowing in the private sector in April of 0.1% YoY vs. -0.2% y / y. Consumer price index in May, 1.6% y / y vs. 1.7% y / y. The range of oscillation of a pair EUR / USD 1.2266-1.2334. The current level of 1.22. Canada. Change in GDP in April to 0.6% m / m vs. 0.5% m / m The index of commodity prices in April, 1.7% m / m vs. 1.1% m / m The index of selling prices in the industry in April, 0.3% m / m vs. -0.3% m / m Canadian dollar strengthened on Monday against the U.S. dollar. The range of trades for a pair USD / CAD 1.0413-1.0551. The current rate of 1.0480. Of the events of today should pay attention to the price index for homes in the UK in May (forecast 0.3% m / m), the index of purchasing managers in the industry in the UK in May (forecast 57.8), the unemployment rate for the euro area in April (forecast 10.1% ), a decision on interest rates in Canada (forecast 0.5%), the index of purchasing managers in the industry in the U.S. in May (forecast 59.6).

Anrey Torbinski
2010-06-01 14:22, Economics.

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