Dow Jones Industrial Average: a festive mood evaporated in the first day of trading

Dow Jones is trying to gain a foothold in the green area

In brief: Dow Jones Industrial Average went into a plus, but remains at risk. Bears are waiting for the right moment to attack in the second half of trading.

Dow Jones Industrial Average had been attempting to escape from the negative zone. An attempt was quite successful. Tuesday, June 1, the major indexes of U.S. stock market in the first half of the trades showed predominantly negative trend. Several strengthen its position was only indicator Dow Jones Industrial Average. News from Europe and China are today the main source of the negative, while the U.S. macroeconomic performance exceeded the expectations of analysts.

Thus, the index of business activity in the industry NSB in China by the end of May fell from 55.7 points to 53.9 points, with an average forecast of 54.0 points. The index of business activity in industry in the euro area over the period amounted to 55,8 points, whereas it was expected that the indicator will remain at the same level in 55,9 points. Unemployment in the euro area rose in April from 10,0% to 10,1%. The U.S. ISM index of economic conditions in production in May totaled 59.7 points, while expected a more significant decline from 60.4 points to 59 points. Construction costs in the U.S. in April rose by 2.7%, while analysts forecast a constant value of the index, and a month before an increase of 0,2%. Now a barometer of blue chips, the Dow rose to 0.280% to the value of 10 164.98 points, more than a “broad” index of S & P 500 fell by 0,225% and reached 1 086.96 points. The index is fairly high-tech stocks on the Nasdaq fell 0,148 to 2% to 253.71 points. Shares of Apple jumped 2.34%. According to company representatives, two months from the date of entering the American market for the Tablet PC iPad has sold 2 million units. The official store of Apple in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and Great Britain computers iPad appeared in Friday, May 28. Quotes manufacturer of medical equipment Ev3 soared 17.49% after it became known that Covidien has agreed to buy the company for $ 2.6 billion in cash, that is priced at U.S. $ 22.5 per share. Amid reports that oil companies BP was unable to stop the leakage of “black gold” in wells in the Gulf of Mexico oil service stocks of companies that provide services to BP, have suffered substantial losses. Thus, the market capitalization of Cameron International and Transocean decreased by 5,58% and 2,03% respectively, quotes Halliburton dropped to 11.77% and Anadarko Petroleum have fallen off the paper at 14.85%. Now futures for Brent crude for delivery in July, cheaper by 1,758% to $ 73.337 per barrel. Gold prices rose 1,015% to $ 224.5 an ounce. The U.S. currency strengthened against the euro at 0.276% and rose against the Japanese yen to 0,011%.

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2010-06-01 17:30, Economics.

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