Swine flu: vaccination in Poland and Ukraine

Polish and Ukrainian positions concerning A/H1N1 vaccination are opposite

In brief: Poland has refused the purchase of vaccines against A/H1N1 virus while Ukrainian Government stocks them up

Poland refused the purchase of vaccines against A/H1N1 virus until any guarantees of their safety are obtained. Polish Government doubts in the safety of swine flu vaccinations for people’s health. That is why it refused deliveries of these medicines to the country.

Instead Poland’s Ministry of health protection allowed to sale Tamiflu in pharmacies.

According to the report of Poland’s Health Minister there are no guarantees that preventive measures against swine flu are safe for people’s health. Besides the epidemic in country is now going on and it is better to cure just diseased people while taking preventive measures is too late.

At the same time Ukrainian Government considers it possible to start A/H1N1 vaccination in the midst of the epidemic. Doctors forecast that swine flu will have been relevant during next several years. That is the reason to stock up necessary vaccination.

Ukranian Globalist
2009-11-24 14:11, Society.

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5 comments к “Swine flu: vaccination in Poland and Ukraine”

  1. Sean Rushforth Says:

    170,000 swine fluvaccines manufactured by UK drugs company GlaxoSmithKline have been recalled after patients began to develop side effects at a rate 5 times higher than expected.

  2. izabela Says:

    Maybe if all the countries stuck together instead of folding faster than japanese origami, the drug companies would have no choice but to accept responsibility for any side effects. Don’t whine in years to come when you end up having mentally/developmentally retarded children, or neurological disorders.

  3. rob Says:

    In Australia we have just finished our flu season and there were no reports of any side affects from the vaccines. I’m not sure which vaccine we use here though. We had 185 deaths ( in a population of 20 million) and most of these cases the patient had pre-existing underlying health problems ( very old, very young, other diseases)

  4. juna Says:

    Didn’t hear about side effects of vaccines in US either. But with vaccines, there is also a lot of conspiracy theories and panic thinking in general. But if something is recalled, it is not on the market anymore, and it doesn’t mean that all vaccines are the same. In US in addition to the pre-existing conditions Rob mentioned, many people who were overweight died too, in uS. But without flu they would live.

  5. Joy Says:

    This thing has mutated past the vaccine. Why risk the side effects of a vaccine that can’t protect you?


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