UBS: new problems are coming

Swiss banks have received a new portion of criticism

In brief: The next problem waiting for big Swiss banks. Country of banks and chocolate get some troubles.

Swiss lawmakers are going to deal with two major banks of this country and to introduce strict regulation of the financial sphere. During the 3-week parliamentary session, which began on May 31 this year, lawmakers are likely to approve the transfer of information to tax authorities of the U.S. thousands of accounts of Americans in UBS AG.

In addition, members can take steps to limit the size of bonuses bankers and risk in issuing loans. According to legislators, in the future, such measures will help protect the Swiss economy from collapse. In addition, UBS and Credit Suisse Group AG control assets valued at more than $ 1 trillion. Swiss francs ($ 863 billion) each. And this is 2 times the size of the economy of Switzerland. “Among the legislators is growing dissatisfaction with UBS. Banks do not touch only so long as they bring astronomical profits”, – says political science professor at the University of Lausanne, Georg Lutz.

Anrey Torbinski
2010-06-03 09:46, Economics.

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