U.S. auto sales gave new hope for Dow Jones Industrial Average growth

Dow Jones got a new shoulder of support

In brief: U.S. car market has supported Dow Jones Industrial. The statistics of car sales in the U.S. rejoice bulls.

Dow Jones Industrial Average starts to grow at the trading in the U.S.. Stock market has new hope for good local statistics. Analysts expect growth of Dow Jones Industrial Average at 1.5% today. Meanwhile, sales of new cars increased in the U.S. in May by 19%, to 1.1 million units, and thus, the continuous growth in the market continued for the seventh consecutive month, according to data research firm Autodata Corp.

In terms of annual growth in May sales, according to these data, corresponds to 11.68 million, compared with 9.86 million a year ago and 11.2 million in April. Analysts expect that in May, this figure was 11.2 million. Nearly all major automakers, except Toyota, have demonstrated more than 10-percent increase in sales. Japanese auto giant increased its sales by 7% to 163 thousand units on the background of ongoing scandal reviews. U.S. market leader General Motors increased its implementation by 17% to 223.4 thousand units, thanks largely to the growth of corporate sales. Positive dynamics of Ford sixth consecutive month above 20 per cent mark and by the end of May was 22%. During this period the group sold 1,967 thousand cars. Chrysler showed the greatest growth of the “deytroytskoy troika” – 33% to 104,8 thousand cars. Japanese Honda increased sales by 19%. The leader among European brands is Volkswagen, implemented in the United States 32,9 thousand cars (+21%). Among the major automakers decline of U.S. sales in May showed only BMW (-4%).

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2010-06-03 15:26, Economics.

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