Mixed dynamics can’t guarantee the growth of Dow Jones Industrial Average

Dow Jones Industrial Average: the question of growth remains unanswered

In brief: The growth of the major stock market indexes the U.S. has failed to instill confidence to the European bulls. Dow Jones Industrial Average will depend on the European trading.

Dow Jones Industrial Average will be exposed to risk associated with many important European factors. Dow Jones Industrial rose yesterday to a record amount – +225.52 points (2.25%). Trading on the U.S. stock market will begin to Dow Jones from a mark of 10,249.54 points. At the same time, European stock markets were closed on Wednesday in al minus background of negative attitudes of investors to take risks.

“We’re still in a period of uncertainty”, – said Matt Dzhiulieni, a fund manager at Palatine Asset Management in Paris. “There is a struggle between the macro-economy and companies. This is a discussion. The market is not roads and well-governed companies by increasing cash flow”. “Uncertainty about the global economy while still – said Toby Hassoll of CWA Global Markets Pty Ltd. I expect that volatility will remain high in the near future. Europe is experiencing structural problems that have not yet been resolved”. The banking index DJ EURO STOXX BANK following Monday came down to 163.79 (-0.85%). Paper Barclays fell 2.24%, Banco Santander to 1.85%, Deutsche Bank at 0.57%, Societe Generale at 0.98%, HSBC at 0.27%. Major European indexes at the close of the previous trading session: FTSE 100 – 5,151.32 (-0.23%); DAX 30 – 5,981.20 (-0.00%); CAC 40 – 3,501.50 (-0.05%). Futures DJ STOXX 50 in the morning before the opening of trading in Europe is growing up to 2,654.00 (+2.16%). European stock markets to open rapid growth. European index of “blue chips” FTSEurofirst 300, on Wednesday grew up 1.004 (+0.08%). As a result of the previous day’s yield US 10-year T-Note is 3.34% (+0.084%). Yield of 10-year German Government Bonds is 2.66% (-0.020%) compared with the previous day. Yield of 10-year U.K. Government Bonds is 3.55% (-0.028%) compared with the previous day. Oil futures in electronic trading on the morning grow on the background of the rally in stock markets due to strong to American statistics, which came before and were a stimulus to the growth of risk appetite of investors. We have seen that oil prices are largely dependent on fluctuations in stock markets – said Toby Hassoll of CWA Global Markets Pty Ltd. – If it is risk aversion starts to decline, we can expect that the dollar will decline after a recent upsurge. Improved appetite risk will help the oil prices, seasonal decline in stocks in the United States also will benefit. Mark Brent Oil (NYMEX) in morning electronic trading at 74.76 (+1.37%) and the American crude oil WTI (NYMEX) 73.93 (+1.47%). Gold futures in the morning at 1224.90 (+0.19%). Commodity Index CRB Index on the basis of past trades is 252.94 (+0.22%). Foreign Exchange in morning trading characterized by a weakening U.S. dollar against a background of positive statistics from the U.S. and the rebound in the U.S. and Asian stock markets. The dollar index ICE, which reflects the value of the U.S. currency against the trade-weighted basket of other currencies, is 86.54 (-0.34%).

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2010-06-03 14:45, Economics.

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