Dow Jones Industrial Average: unemployment makes a new blow

The growth of unemployment in the United States negatively affect the Dow Jones Industrial

In brief: Dow Jones Industrial Average: the possibility of trading volume growth will be limited to poor statistics. Unemployment becomes a new challenge for the U.S. stock market.

A few minutes ago came the U.S. statistics. The number of primary applications from unemployed last week amounted to 453 thousand, 450 thousand forecast, the previous value was 460 thousand U.S. stock market begins to negatively respond to new data. Dow Jones Industrial Average began trading with the reduction. Dow Jones Industrial lost 0,17% at futures trading.

The problems came from Britain. Office of the UK Financial Services fined the London branch of U.S. investment bank JPMorgan Chase at a record amount of 33.3 million pounds ($ 48.9 million). JPMorgan Securities was accused of incorrect record keeping of client funds in the period from 2002 to 2009, not separating them from their own funds of the company. According to a spokesperson of the Office of Financial Services Ms. Margaret Cole (Margaret Cole), consideration of the FSA are a few similar cases.

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2010-06-03 12:54, Economics.

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