Euro looks to the future with anxiety

New challenges await Euro

In brief: The exchange rate euro remains under intense pressure from the problem of the euro area. Greece, Spain and Portugal can not solve the problems of the financial sector itself.

The European economy is under severe pressure problems of the CDS countries. France and Germany, who claim the support of Greece and Spain are beginning to get nervous. The threat of defaults continue to soar in the European air. Britain officially refused to provide assistance to Greece. In Italy, the struggle with the shadow economy. All of the above causes euro to fall.

During the European trading session on Thursday quotations euro against the U.S. dollar traded at $ 1.2290, reaching a level of $ 1.2326 per euro. Negative pressure on the dollar have: higher oil prices and stock indices, as well as increasing appetite of investors for risk. Gold prices traded at around $ 1,220.0 – $ 1,224.0 an ounce. The situation on the commodity market continues to be quite comfortable. Oil prices have shown a growing momentum, as the news about the growth of demand in the U.S. outweighed concerns about the debt crisis in Europe. The cost of Brent crude is $ 74.46 dollars per barrel. Annual rate of NDF (non deliverable forward) dropped to 0.15% per annum, to the level of 4.29% / 4.42% per annum.

Ukrainian Globalist
2010-06-03 15:15, Currency news.

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