Bears and bulls try to pull the rope called Dow Jones Industrial Average

Dow Jones Industrial Average is spinning around zero

In brief: American Roulette periodically shows zero. Dow Jones Industrial Average can not grow and not prone to falling.

Dow Jones Industrial Average is alternately in the green, then in the red zone. The level of trading volume index continues to be low. Dow Jones Industrial is 10,178.73 points. Level Dow Jones drop more than -65 points (-0.64%). In this case, the U.S. statistics remain quite positive:

The rating company in assessing user audience Nielsen Holdings, owned by such investors as the KKK & Co, Blackstone Group and Carlyle Group plans to raise $ 1.75 billion through an IPO. The funds the company intends to extend debt repayment. An IPO will take JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse Group. Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs and Citigroup. Good news came out of Germany, Thursday, June 3, the major stock indexes in Germany have shown an upward momentum against the increasing value of the shares of energy companies, as well as the gradual return of investor confidence in the global economy. The outcome of the DAX index managed to close in as the last two weeks of level, given the fact that 27 of the 30 stocks included in its composition, finished the session in the Green Zone. Optimism that market participants have added data on an index of business activity in the services sector in Germany. Thus, the value of the index in May increased from 53.7 points the previous month to 54.8 points, while the expected constancy index. At the close of trading a key indicator of the German DAX stock market grew stronger on 1,23%, reaching 6,054.63 points, while the index TecDAX Performance has become harder to 1,93%, having risen to the level of 756.72 points. Rising oil prices and oversold shares of energy companies, securities allowed E. ON and RWE to get in plus on 1,6% and 0,84% respectively. Once it became known that British insurer Prudential announced officially on the severance deal with U.S. insurance company American International Group about buying its Asian life insurance unit, shares of German insurer Allianz grew by 0.44%. Among the favorites of the trading session can be distinguished German semiconductor manufacturer Infineon, quotations which rose 4.05%. According to research Gartner, worldwide semiconductor sales will grow this year by 27% to $ 290 billion compared with $ 228 billion a year earlier. Securities Deutsche Lufthansa “recovered” to 3,61%, Daimler shares added 1.19%, while Germany’s largest engineering company Siemens has earned at auction 1.33% of market capitalization.

Pavel Nurminen
2010-06-04 11:36, Economics.

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