The terrorists tried to kill Russian Prime Minister Putin?

Putin's motorcade got in an accident

In brief: The car of the convoy of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin got into an accident in the centre of Moscow.

Was it accidentally, that a car motorcade Prime Minister Vladimir Putin was wrecked? This question is interested society immediately after the appearance of information about the accident Putin’s motorcade, because the protection of top officials in Russia are paying special attention. According to preliminary information the cause of the incident was unknown metallic object on the roadway, which greatly damaged the wheel of the car motorcade premiere. As a result of the accident on Kutuzov Avenue, as reported by witnesses, Putin had to change into another car.

As we found out IA globalists, to the accident vehicle from the convoy Putin Kutuzov Avenue brought an unknown metallic object, located on the roadway. Slide the entire speed hit a lying in the middle of the road object, thus greatly damaged the wheel, it occurred depressurization. The incident occurred about three o’clock. How to tell eyewitnesses on Kutuzov Avenue, not far from the house number 4 for a few seconds, abruptly stopped motorcade of Vladimir Putin. Of the three cars Mercedes Gelaendewagen poured protection and solid ring surrounded one of the cars. Out of the car quickly left Vladimir Putin with diplomat in his hands and resettle in another car. Immediately the guards returned to their cars and the motorcade quickly departed from the scene. Despite the incident, the head of government arrived at the White House in time. However, representatives of the Federal Security Service, responsible for the security of top officials are seriously concerned about the incident. Experts believe that the accident shows insecurity traffic top officials and the next time the victim of an “unknown object on the roadway” may become the prime minister or president of the country. At the same time, once it became aware of the incident, the society has been actively debated topic that a strange object on a road – not a coincidence, but perhaps a plot to assassinate the prime minister and most powerful politician in Russia.

Ukrainian Globalist
2010-06-03 17:36, Society.

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