European economic news are terrible

Spain upset Europe

In brief: Economic problems in Europe do not stop to excite analysts and experts. A new wave of problems waiting for the Old World.

Economic news in Europe remain quite negative. These statistics do not add optimism. Greece: in May, the index of business activity in industry fell to a minimum with the April 2009 level of 41.8 points from 43.6 points in April.

The number of approved mortgage loans in the UK in April rose to 49.9 thousand (49.5 thousand expected) from 49.0 thousand in March. Italy: May index of business activity in the services sector fell to 53.7 points (expected to increase to 54.8 points) with 54.5 points in April. Sales in retail trade in Switzerland in April rose at an annual rate of 1.3% growth rate in March, revised from 4.5% to 4.0% in annual terms. In Spain, in May, the index of business activity in industry declined to item 51.5 points with 53.3 points in April.

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2010-06-05 18:07, Economics.

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