Tourists found oil on the beaches of Florida

Tourists, many of them children, witnesses said, walk on the beach and collect the oil clots.

In brief: Spots and clots of oil have been found on the sandy beaches of the U.S. state of Florida. This is reported by local authorities and the many vacationers who spend their holidays at popular resorts.

Spots and clots of oil are on the U.S. beaches. Florida is in oil… Nevertheless, the beaches of Florida, which the Americans believe the most snow-white in the world, still open to tourists. Meanwhile, oil company British Petroleum has already spent on the elimination of oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico $ 1 billion in costs Covokupnye British Petroleum to eliminate the consequences and damages from the accident could be $ 37 billion.

British Petroleum Company succeeded in establishing pumping oil from the damaged wells in the Gulf of Mexico. At the emergency section of the pipe was lowered on the eve of a special bell-cap. Built in a siphon is now pumped into tanker thousand barrels per day. However, this is only a tenth of all the oil flowing from the well. Most dangerous hydrocarbons still continues to translate into waters of the bay. Barack Obama on the eve decided to personally check how things are going in the Gulf of Mexico. This is the third of his trip to Louisiana after the explosion on the platform of BP. For the sake of the U.S. president, this time even canceled two international visit – to Indonesia and Australia. According to him, some success there, but it is too early to rejoice. He also said he expects the corporation payment on all accounts.

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2010-06-05 21:26, Society.

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