Tymoshenko is bankrupt

Yulia Tymoshenko can not earn

In brief: Yulia Tymoshenko ceases to be one of the most influential and wealthy women in Ukraine. The financial situation has deteriorated sharply Tymoshenko.

A woman on a million dollars, as it is sometimes referred to the ex-prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko, as before remains very poor. This follows from its declaration, which yesterday published a “Ukrainian Truth”. So, last year, a lover of clothes from Louis Vuitton (one more thing – from $ 1 thousand) earned 219,5 thousand UAH.

Of which the hand was only 187.7 thousand – 15.6 thousand per month (salary premiere amounted to 32,000, but then Julia cut her twice), everything else took a tax. In addition to salaries, Lady Yu has an apartment in Dnepropetrovsk on 58 “squares. That’s it! No home, no plot, no car, no garage, no bank accounts – nothing. Of course, Tymoshenko’s husband, a businessman Alexander. In 2008, he earned 3 million USD. At this time the head of the family is not specified in the declaration: the law requires only the officials to declare income of family members. By the way, the declaration Tymoshenko no information about how much she pays for the lease. There was this figure and in its declaration in 2008, although Julia confessed that rented a house near Kiev (on the causeway). To the question “How much?”, It refers to his declaration. And the remark: “But there are also blanks!”, Replied: “If there is a dash – means there is a dash. Curiously, yesterday during his press conference Tymoshenko “Directions” on the declaration of Viktor Yanukovych. “I read this declaration, when I see it Suholuche, which he took, not as president, when I see Mezhigorie in full – this is more than 140 hectares of land, the proportion of business enterprises, which it sponsored, when I see the bribes, the vertical enter the already 100 days, “- said oppositionists. Recall Yanukovych declare it Mezhigorie house, an apartment in Kiev, two garages, a bank account for more than 1 million UAH. and income of 235 thousand.

Ukrainian Globalist
2010-06-06 13:49, Economics.

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