Dow Jones Industrial accelerates the negative trend on the U.S. stock market

Dow Jones Industrial Average is no longer fighting for plus

In brief: Dow Jones Industrial Average lost item by item. The attack bears continues unabated for a minute.

The overall negative trend in global stock markets remain very high. Dow Jones Industrial Average was influenced by a set of data on statistics from Australia, Europe and Asia. Good news, unfortunately, was much less than the bad. Another reason for the collapse of Dow Jones Industrial Average started the bad news from the automotive sector, the United States. Meanwhile, the unexpected news that can turn the market upside came from Switzerland.

According to unofficial information, the world’s largest commodity trader, the Swiss company Glencore International AG is considering selling gold assets, as gold prices remain high, while prices of other metals are reduced. This statement was made familiar with the situation unnamed source. According to a source, as one of the alternatives considered IPO assets, which are based on gold deposit “Vasyl’kivs’ke in Kazakhstan. The cost of these assets is not known, but it is known that a company in Kazakhstan produces almost as much gold as and a subsidiary of Canadian mining company Barrick Gold – African Barrick Gold Plc., Engaged in mining in Tanzania. Earlier, shares of African Barrick Gold were placed on the London Stock Exchange market value at that date amounted to $ 3.7 billion. In March this year Glencore International has announced the sale of assets the total value of $ 1 billion This step, including Glencore result of consultations with representatives of rating agencies on the company’s liquidity. Earlier press reports about the interest of Glencore to the Swiss mining company Xstrata, which already owns a trader a 35 per cent. Guide Glencore would like to combine their trading assets and mining assets Xstrata. An obstacle for the transaction of business analysts believe the complexity of Glencore, which is a non-public company. According to unofficial data, in 2011. or 2012. Swiss trader plans to IPO. Glencore International AG – a privately owned trading and mining company, headquartered in Baar, Switzerland. Representative offices are located in 40 countries, 13 countries operate its factories. In offices and factories Glencore worldwide total employed 52 thousand people.

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2010-06-07 20:03, Economics.

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