16 European countries approved the entry of Estonia in the Eurozone

Estonia enters into the Eurozone

In brief: The euro zone can be extended with a new member. Estonia passed the test for suitability for entry into the Eurozone.

Weaker than euro may be only one currency – the Zimbabwean dollar. Such a view can come if you look closely at the factors that have so far kept drop a single European currency.

Looks funny that the Baltic country, with not the weakest economies seek to enter the Eurozone in the next year. Finance ministers of 16 countries of the euro area welcomed the accession of Estonia to the eurozone in 2011. Told journalists the head of the Eurogroup, Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker. According to European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, not loosen up for the European Commission did not make Estonia: Estonian authorities to ensure strict compliance with the Maastricht criteria. Given the fact that the euro area may not survive until 2011 in the present composition, the entry of Estonia remains in question.

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2010-06-07 23:17, Economics.

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