Swine flu as the means of expression

Artistic approach to swine flu is possible

In brief: Artists made installations on the swine flu epidemic theme. Their creatures were exposed at the Pinchuk Art Centre.

Victor Sidorenko’s project “Levitation” at the “Art-Kiev” presentation was introduced by Mironova Gallery. There were presented manikins in gauze bandages.


The Pinchuk Art Centre presented the installation of British artist Harland Miller called “I have always had the ability to find things” imaged the group of people in protective overalls conducting metrological measurements. This action expressed the reaction to the A/H1N1 epidemic situation in Ukraine.

The whole art of Harland Miller used to focus the attention of people on the reality. The artist intends to make us recognize everything passing by and remind us that the world impacts us everytime. The installation “I have always had the ability to find things” shows just how easy the humanity occures in mass manipulations and panic losing self-control.

Thus the ironic glance to your own fears can now become the best medicine.

Ukranian Globalist
2009-11-26 11:02, Society.

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