Currency exchange rates today: the future of Euro looks like very poor

Currency exchange rates today - euro is preparing for another drop

In brief: The exchange rate euro falling for several months, but the Bears are confident of victory.

Currency exchange rates today today are unstable against bad news from Asia. For several months, there is lowering of the euro and analysts say its oversold. The overall negative background for the euro area, hampering the growth of buyers and the euro while speaking prematurely.

Japan. Money M2 in May, 3.1% m / m vs. 2.8% m / m Bank lending in May, -2.0% y / y. Index of economic commentators in May 47.7 vs. 50.8. The Japanese yen on the basis of trading Tuesday virtually unchanged against the U.S. dollar. The range of trades for the pair USD / JPY 90.83-91.92. The current level of 91.40. BRC Retail Sales Monitor in the UK in May, 0.8%. According to the U.S. dollar exchange rate to the pound remained unchanged up to the auction on Tuesday. The range of oscillation of a pair GBP / USD 1.4345-1.4528. The current value of 1.4430. Switzerland. The unemployment rate in May, 4.0% – in line with forecast. Consumer price index in May, -0.1% m / m vs. 0.1% m / m The Swiss franc rose on Tuesday against the dollar. The range of trades for the pair USD / CHF 1.1485-1.1641. The current rate of 1.1535. From today’s headlines that may impact on exchange rates is worth paying attention to the balance of trade in the UK in April (forecast -7.0 billion pounds), oil and petroleum products in the U.S. (estimate -1.1 million barrels), the wholesale supply of U.S. in April (forecast 0.6% m / m).

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2010-06-09 08:40, Currency news.

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