Dow Jones Industrial Average has reached record levels in the first minutes

Dow Jones Industrial Average goes up rapidly

In brief: Dow Jones Industrial is reaching record highs at the moment. U.S. Stock market opened strong growth today.

Dow Jones Industrial Average goes into an open attack on the bearish trend. Bulls of a shoulder support from the start of trading on the U.S. stock market. The level of confidence in the Dow Jones Industrial index grows with every minute. At the time Dow Jones index rose +199.06 points (2.01%). The index was 10,098.31 points.

According to recent data, cable television company, Bresnan Communications, owned by Providence Equity Partners, received seven proposals for the purchase, each of which exceeds $ 1 billion company also Kusher going to buy a share of American International Group (AIG) at approximately 17000 homes after as has been almost three years since the sale of units almost at the peak of the property value. At the same time, bad news for the U.S. stock market came from neighboring Canada. Canada’s exports in April fell to C $ 33,53 млрд a month earlier to C $ 32,93 billion, although it was expected to raise C $ 34 billion At the same time, imports in April fell to C $ 33,28 billion in March to C $ 32,76 billion projected to increase to C $ 33,43 billion trade surplus in April totaled C $ 0,18 billion, compared to C $ 0,25 млрд month earlier, expectations were C $ 0,5 billion.

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2010-06-10 14:00, Economics.

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