Azarov raises tax on wages in Ukraine

Salaries of Ukrainians will be less because of new tax

In brief: The tax on salaries of Ukrainians grow. Azarov considers that tax the hell is it necessary for the country.

The Government has approved a draft law on the Tax Code of Ukraine. In the Cabinet of Ministers insist that proposed innovations provide a balance of interests between government and business. Prime Minister Mykola Azarov said that the draft provided for the reduction of national taxes from 29 to 17.

If nowdays there is a single tax rate on income for the citizens of Ukraine , then the new Tax Code offers them three. The reference, as before, the rate remains at 15% – it paid the person, whose salary does not exceed 13 thousand UAH. month. This amount – the maximum wage on which the premium paid to the social funds (determined annually). The entire amount above that up to now were not taxed. Now the same people whose incomes exceed 13 thousand UAH. a month, waiting for an unpleasant novelty – they will have to pay in taxes and 20% of the amount exceeding the maximum limit.

“That is, at a salary, for example, 15 thousand UAH. 15% will be paid with 13 thousand UAH. And 20% – with the difference in the 2 thousand.” – Explains partner at Deloitte & Touche USC Chornovol Victoria. Also, the tax code establishes a category of people who pay income tax at a concessional rate. The miners, members of the operational headquarters of MES, as well as people who are employed in hazardous work (the list is governed by a list of Cabinet), pay income tax of 10%. “This benefit for miners operated from 1 January 2010 under the law on raising the prestige of miners’ labor, it did not dare cancel. Nobody wants to communicate with the miners,” – says the chairman of the Independent Trade Union of Miners of Ukraine, MP from the BYuT Mikhail Volynets. According to his calculations, this benefit allows employees to save the industry about 1 billion UAH. annually.

Igor Tringlers
2010-06-11 01:39, Economics.

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