China made oil prices higher

Higher oil prices have been provoked by China

In brief: Oil prices are rising because of the positive trend, which dictates China - unsure experts and market analysts.

Oil prices began to rise. Prices for “black gold” on the world trading in Thursday, June 10, continued to grow steadily, surpassing the mark of 75 dollars per barrel. On the New York Mercantile Exchange crude oil contracts on Light Sweet Crude Oil from the date of delivery in July rose in price on 1,10 dollars, and by the end of the session traded at 75.48 dollars per barrel.

Major U.S. stock indexes also rose amid reports gosinstantsy showing the increase in energy reserves in the country and reducing unemployment. Dow Jones Industrial grew by more than 273 points, or 2,8%, NASDAQ by about the same as S & P 500 rose more than 3%. Risen steeply in the stock price of energy companies and even seriously lost in the accident wells in the Gulf of Mexico BP (bidding closed on Thursday with the addition of 12%, while before the action group 16% of the cost). The growth of oil prices observed in other commodity markets. Thus, in the London ICE Futures Exchange in futures North Sea oil brand IPE Brent Crude similar delivery terms added to the price of 1.02 dollar, rising to 75.29 dollars per barrel. Similar trends were noticed in the rest of the world. Stock market analysts are prone to associate the growth in energy demand with positive data growth in China, and strengthening the economies of Japan and Australia.

Igor Tringlers
2010-06-11 01:44, Commodities.

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