Dow Jones Industrial Average began to rise rapidly against the background of the European positive

Dow Jones began the rally of growth

In brief: Good news from the euro area led Dow Jones Industrial equalize minus. Total losses of Dow Jones began to decline.

Dow Jones Industrial Average went from minus very confident after the good news from the Eurozone. Old World reported that the threat of default in Hungary was not clear. Budapest will be able to avoid default under certain financial support from Brussels. At the time Dow Jones stood at 10,166.71 points. The loss dropped to -5.82 points or -0.06%. Also the Americans have pleased the new proposals the European oil spill response.

The EU would provide U.S. booms, which provide an effective spill containment zones and oil migration in the area, as an aid in combating the diversion of oil from the emergency wells BP Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico. As the EU Commissioner for Crisis Response Kristalina Georgieva, and their equipment are ready to provide the United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany and Norway. At the same time as transfers Associated Press, the Commissioner clarified: The EU responded quickly to calls to provide appropriate equipment shows that Europe is ready to support the U.S. in a critical moment in the struggle with this environmental catastrophe. In connection with the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the U.S. has twice asked the international community for assistance. The Netherlands responded to the call and has already provided three pairs of efflux pumps hoses that connect to the spacecraft. Oil spill emergency wells BP coast of Louisiana is already recognized as the largest oil disaster in the U.S.. From April 20, when the drilling platform BP Deepwater Horizon, an explosion occurred in the Gulf of Mexico spilled, according to various estimates, from 504 thousand to 800 thousand barrels. oil. Specialists BP has already taken six attempted to stop the flow of petroleum, but they all ended in failure. Damaged wells is likely to gush until August, when BP will complete the drilling of two unloading directional wells.

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2010-06-11 17:20, Economics.

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