Ukraine: sale of all the banks

Russia buys Ukrainian banks

In brief: This subsidiary bank, Sberbank of Russia occupies the 31st position. In terms of banks today, a subsidiary bank, Sberbank, Russia occupies 24th place in terms of assets, Prominvestbank - the seventh, VTB - ninth. It is understandable that banks would be interested in large assets.

Against the backdrop of recent political events and global warming in the Russian-Ukrainian relations major banks in Russia are interested in expanding its subsidiaries in the Ukrainian market. The recent rumor about the intention of “Savings Bank” buy “Raiffeisen Bank Aval” has caused a major stir, but the press center of “Aval” refuted this information. In turn, management of “Savings Bank” does not deny the possibility of buying a bank in Ukraine, Director of Strategy of the Russian Savings Bank Dmitry Tarasov: “We are interested in objects for acquisitions of the top 10.”

Until now, Ukrainian “Subsidiary Bank Sberbank of Russia, located on the size of assets at 24 th place, developed slowly. Sberbank of Russia, leading in Russia, in 2007 bought a businessman Alexander Lebedev, a small corporate bank NRB for $ 100 million and planned to capture him through the market. In 2008, the Savings Bank changed his mind significantly increase the capital of “daughter” and was interested in buying Prominvestbank and the bank “Nadra”. Russians are now on the “inappropriate” for a place. “Indeed the interest of Russian banks in Ukraine – is great. If you look at the rating of banking subsidiaries in Ukraine, it had the potential and the work of management, they took improper place. Of course, the subsidiary banks of Russia wants to hold a place no worse than one of their affiliated banks “Prominvestbank, and generally in the long run is among five leading banks in Ukraine. In this sense, perhaps, a subsidiary bank, Sberbank of Russia is one of those who now must pursue an aggressive policy on the Ukrainian market”, – said financial analyst Andrei Blinov. According to experts, this and related information vytok intention to buy “Raiffeisen Bank Aval, and perhaps even some assets in Ukraine. Ie In any case, Russian banks, and not just banks, largely set up to merger and acquisition structures in Ukraine. In principle, this in forecasts by experts are written in the late autumn of 2008, when the crisis erupted only. It was clear that the crisis will end in some measure by the fact that the richer and the economy close to us, in this case Russia will be very active in buying up assets. According to Andrei Blinov, this process has now emerged at a fairly strong trend for several reasons: it’s a political thaw in relations, and substantial economic interest, because it submitted to the Russian capital and in terms of foreign investment in Russia is not among the first.

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2010-06-12 14:59, Economics.

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