World Cup 2010: England – U.S. score has changed rapidly

England - U.S.: what is the score

In brief: England and U.S.A. are the strongrst teams in group C, so the score could be very interesting.

Score of the match England – U.S. will decide a lot. England and the U.S. – favorite team, so they will compete for tours and the first place. In the first match of Group C will converge favorite quartet. England, despite his star status, always knew how to complicate his life at the world championships, and the Americans long ago moved from the category of amateurs to the rank of professionals. So what awaits us fight worthy opponents who rush to the top of world football. The score of the match England – U.S is 1-0! Steven Gerrard scores after Heskey’s pass forward.

Fabio Capello on the eve of the match will have to solve several problems. Chief among them – who replaced the injured Rio Ferdinand. Captain’s armband was handed over to Steven Gerrard, but to place in the center of the protection claimed by the three football players at once – Upson, King, and caused urgently Dawson. I’d venture that the Italian specialist prefers leader Tottenham, in fact in favor of the King, says his experience and skill to complete the standards of their team. In the middle of the field Capello does not rule out the emergence of Gareth Barry, who healed the injury, but has not scored want gaming Conditions. Instead, it can play Carrick, yes, and a couple of central midfielders Lampard – Gerrad looks intimidating (that’s only team they have always been difficult to play with each other). Well, finally resolved the question remains, who will be a company with assault Wayne Rooney. Given that the American defenders superbly prepared physically, on the field, you may receive the main ram England’s Emile Heskey.

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2010-06-12 18:36, Society.

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