World Championship 2010: score Australia – Germany is very fruitful

Match Australia - Germany - score

In brief: Account Match Australia - Germany, which takes place at the World Cup 2010, is open after the blow Podolski, Australia attacks.

Score of the match Germany – Australia could be opened at 4 minute. Two attempts to score a goal against the Germans were at the Australian striker Garcia. Germany squad is traditionally a “shadow” a favorite of the world championship – fans and experts predict the success of other teams, and the Germans in the meantime go to the finals or at least get to the medals. And now the at 8′ minute of the match Germany – Australia scored Podolski. The current team of Germany – a fairly young team, which in the first match of the 2010 World Cup will be tested by Australians.

On the eve of the tournament Joachim Löw has lost several important players in the first case of Rene Adler and Michael Ballack, but seem to be able to find a replacement. At the gate will be replaced by Manuel Neuer, but Bastian Schweinsteiger will replace the position of central midfielder Ballack. So they would certainly have played together, but now need more Schwein and functions of a leader on the field to take into their hands. Next to him will Sammy Khedir, more focused on defense player. Of course, from the first minute will act and pets Loew Lukas Podolski and Miroslav Klose, the failed season in their clubs. The second play on the point of attack, and Podolski takes the position of left winger. Australia has problems of another nature. The participation of several players on the team in this match in question. For some time due to injury missed Brett Emerton and Harry Kewell, so their condition is not completely known. In the last match of damage control has received and Tim Cahill. However, each of these three should go on the field today, but that’s how they have enough – a hot issue. Other controversial positions in the team is not there. The defense has long been known and played not one game, at the forefront of attack Pim Ferbeek sees tall Joshua Kennedy, a couple of experienced opornikov Grella and Chulin.


So far all the teams are always ranked among the tournament favorites, the current championship tight. Argentina only one goal to beat Nigeria, while France and England did lose points. Zavsegdashnim next challenger for the title in the fight enters Germany, and from her waiting for something exciting in terms of games and goals scored.

In Australia, on the contrary, no one anywhere is no pressure. They themselves understand that the main two matches in the group will then, though of course none of the points in the match against the Germans will not give up.

Key counter

Klose – bad form

World Championship for the famous striker favorite tournament, he always scores a lot on it. However, the season was to Miro completely unsuccessful, and the big question is whether he can return to a high level.

Schweinsteiger and Co. – Grella, Chulin

Many in the possible success of Australia will depend on how they can stop an opponent in the center of the field. Work for it will have many.

Kennedy, Cahill – the Germans’ defense

To play Sokeruz ability to act on the second floor of the pair is of paramount importance. The Germans must be prepared to cover not only tall Kennedy, but flying Cahill.

Schwarzer – all-all-all

Surely an experienced goalkeeper Australians will be given a lot of pressure, however, he has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to cope with any difficulties.


Joachim Löw, coach of Germany:

“We have a good team with a great will to win and a great atmosphere. Every player is fully laid out in practice, and it gives me confidence that we will have a good tournament. I am full of faith.”

Tim Cahill, midfielder Australia:

“It will be difficult game. We know that they are strong tactically. But they are usually very slow in tournaments, because I hope that we will use it. We have great respect for their people and their country, but we plan to show all the best that could.”

Lucas Neil, captain of Australia:

“Germany squad better than us. If they offered before the match begins, we draw, we accept without hesitation. They are probably the most organized team of world is extremely difficult to achieve the result in this match.”

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