The stock market today: Dow Jones Industrial waits for Asian miracle

The stock market will show you all on what is capable today

In brief: Asian stock markets will give new hope to investors and speculators. Dow Jones Industrial Average looks forward to a good start the trading week.

Stock market today begins its ascent from Asia. Dow Jones Industrial Average will depend on future trading in Asia. Dow Jones index ended trading on a positive note on Friday and expects to increase on Monday. Trading on stock exchanges in Asia Monday, June 14, will likely show growth of quotations on a background of raw material prices, appreciation of the yen against the euro, the outcome of trading in the U.S., as well as reduce the fears of debt crisis in Europe.

Recall that trading in the U.S. on Friday ended the growth of stock indices. During the bidding was observed predominantly negative dynamics, but in the end of the session codes came out on the positive territory. Following weeks of indices showed growth. As a result of trading the index of “blue chips” Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 38.54 points or 0.38%, to 10211 points. The index of wide market S & P 500 closed higher by 4.76 points or 0.44%, at around 1092 points. “High-tech” Nasdaq Composite closed down 24.89 points to growth, or 1,12%, at around 2244 points. Over the past week the index Dow Jones Industrial Average rose by 2,8%. The price of oil fell on Friday under pressure from disappointing economic data from the U.S.. Retail sales in the U.S. in May fell by 1.2% compared to the previous month, the first time in the last 8 months. This information is distributed today, U.S. Department of Commerce. Analysts forecast growth of retail sales in May totaled – 0,2%. The July futures for delivery of petroleum of mark WTI have fallen by 2,3% to $ 73.78 per barrel. Last week, oil prices increased by 3,1%. By the fall of the exchange rate of Japanese yen and the significant increase in stock price on the New York Stock market, recorded in the previous trading day Friday at the close of the trading session at Tokyo Stock Exchange Nikkei index rose by 1,7%. At the close of morning trading Nikkei index, reflecting the quotation of securities 225 leading companies in Japan, amounted to 9,705.25 points, which is 162.60 points higher than the previous trading day. Topix Index rose 9.65 points, or 1.13% to 866.44 points. Covokupny index of securities on the Shanghai Stock Exchange at the close of trading amounted to 2,569.94 points, having increased by 0.29% or 7.36 points compared with the previous trading session. Composite index of securities on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange at the close of trading amounted to 10,239.33 points rose by 17.11 points or 0.17%. At the time of closing Hang Seng index in Hong Kong Stock Exchange amounted to 19,872 points, an increase of 240 points, or 1.22% compared with the previous trading session. Volume of transactions per day reached 48.7 billion HK dollars. Index of shares in public enterprises inland areas of China, listed on the Stock Exchange amounted at the close of trading 11340 points with an increase of 1,45% compared with the figure the previous trading day.

Igor Tringlers
2010-06-13 23:22, Economics.

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