Dow Jones Industrial Average: buyers’ mood becomes positive

Dow Jones Industrial: bears go into the shadows

In brief: Dow Jones Industrial Average started the week steady growth with the overall positive customers. Bulls have already begun to sharpen their horns.

Dow Jones Industrial Average futures trading began with the increase. Level of support for the Dow Jones Industrial Average from the bulls is increasing. The main background for the growth of index futures trading has come from Asia. On Friday, June 11, world stock markets as a whole showed positive dynamics, although the situation was not rosy. Asian markets have provided impetus to the growth of data on retail sales and industrial production in China and in Europe, the growth indices was not as noticeable on the background of the continuing concerns about the financial situation of the several States.

Trading in the United States ended a small increase in the indices – published makrostatistika was mixed in character, with a preponderance of benefit bulls occurred due to consumer confidence, University of Michigan, who turned out better than expected. On Friday, stock markets in Latin America have demonstrated positive dynamics, with rare exception. The Brazilian market has completed the most winning week for 2 months due to macroeconomic data released by China’s growth – retail sales and industrial production was above expectations of a positive complement emerged a day earlier data on the trade balance (remember the rumors about the growth of Chinese exports to 50% in fact fulfilled). As a result of trading a key index of Brazil Bovespa market added 0.88% to a mark at 63,605.38 points, a win which ended a week amounted to 3,1% – the maximum value since the beginning of April. The Mexican IPC matured at 0.67%, and Chilean Ipsa left in plus on 0,63%. The exception to the general positive dynamics was only Venezuelan market. In currency trading the Brazilian real retreated 0.3% against the dollar. At the auctions in Brazil, the world’s largest iron ore producer Vale moved by 1,1% due to higher prices for industrial metals, which, in turn, resulted from a positive macro data on China. Actions leading clothing retailer Lojas Renner climbed 3.9% after analysts Credit Suisse Group added the company to its list of “Favorites”. However, Friday’s winning the Brazilian Bovespa index, was limited by lower shares of the largest in the country’s petroleum Petroleo Brasileiro by 0,9%. On Monday, June 14, in trading in Asia, the third consecutive session dominated by the bulls – at the stock exchanges in the region recoup Friday macroeconomic data for the United States, namely, the consumer confidence index for June, University of Michigan, which has grown to its highest level since January 2008 yen weakened against the background of increasing investors’ appetite for growth and as a result, shares of Japanese exporters have an incentive to growth. In China and Australia Stock Exchange closed on the occasion. The Japanese index Nikkei 225 advanced by 1,8%, the Taiwanese Taiex was strengthened by 1,2%, while South Korea’s Kospi left in plus on 0,9%. Among Japanese exporters a good growth distinguished Sony, receiving one fifth of its revenue from the U.S. – the shares went up by 1,6%. The third-largest steel maker Posco Asia left in plus on 2,6% against the emerging news that the company is going in the next month to raise prices on products. The second-largest shipyard Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering advanced by 2.1% on news of the receipt of new orders, totaling $ 568 million.

Anrey Torbinski
2010-06-14 13:03, Economics.

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