France sells castles, manor houses and barracks

Money left in the budgets of ministries and departments in charge of the facility. The current sale will be more ambitious, and the money will go to the federal budget.

In brief: Finance Minister Francois Baroen refused to name the exact sum that is evaluated is exposed to auction real estate. According to the newspaper, since 2005 the state sold a few hundred objects and earned 3 billion euros.

The French government approved a plan for privatization of state property, including historical monuments. Castles, manor houses, guest houses, barracks, farms, hunting lodges – all go under the hammer. Over 1,700 objects Nicolas Sarkozy’s government hopes to rescue multi-billion-euro, writes Times. This money is to cover the budget deficit.

Sale, in particular, are subject to several hundreds of objects that are in disrepair. The state has no money for their content. The list is and expensive real estate – Hotel De Seignelay in the heart of Paris and a luxury mansion on the shores of Lake Geneva. By bidding will be invited to both local and foreign buyers. The only condition – to check the purity of investors’ funds. Thus, officials want to avoid a repetition of scandals caused by the purchase of African dictators several castles in France. In addition, Treasury check and target investors buying this or that object. Previously, the state sold the historic building of the National Printing House and one of the banks at a discount. As a result, an investor who brought down the price through a short time has resold the property expensive.

The idea of privatization of architectural monuments and supported by historians. They are hoping that buyers will find the means of restoration, which the government can not afford. Previously, the government has already taken some steps to reduce costs. Prime Minister Francois Fillon has ordered to reduce the fleet of government vehicles. Its’ number is about 25,000. This decision was the head of the Cabinet of Ministers adopted after a wave of publications in the media, where officials were accused of excessive luxury in these difficult times.

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2010-06-14 20:42, Commodities.

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