Dow Jones Industrial Average: ordeals are far ahead

The level of support for Dow Jones index is falling

In brief: Dow Jones Industrial Average will begin trading on the U.S. stock market to slow traffic down.

Dow Jones Industrial Average will not be able to make up for yesterday’s losses today – according to analysts and experts. The main obstacle to the growth of Dow Jones would be negative corporate news and the fall of the European stock market. Immediately announce that Fitch, as expected lowered the rating of the oil giant.

International rating agency Fitch Ratings downgraded the long-term issuer default rating (IDR), a British energy company BP with AA to BBB. This is reported in the message issued today Fitch. Another bad news from Europe: the euro zone trade surplus in April totaled 1.8 billion euros expected 3.7 billion euros the previous value of 4.5 billion euros.

Ukrainian Globalist
2010-06-15 16:03, Economics.

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