Dow Jones Industrial is approaching the red zone rapidly

Dow Jones Industrial Average: Bulls are in a state of perplexity on the background of European news.

In brief: Dow Jones Industrial Average is adjusted under the pressure of European news.

Dow Jones Industrial Average conducts trading in futures U.S. stock markets in a negative zone. Analysts are not predicting a collapse for Dow Jones, but the index will not grow rapidly. So the news from the auto market in Europe: Representatives of the company Continental, which is the second largest European manufacturer of automotive components, announced plans to sell bonds worth 4 billion euros ($ 4.9 billion) in several steps to reduce dependence on bank finance companies.

The program for the sale of bonds may be completed this year. It is reported that the previously planned sale of high yield bonds worth 2 billion euros is part of this program. It is worth noting that currently the net indebtedness of Continental is 8.2 billion euros. Representatives of Volkswagen reported on the planned lowering of prices and an increase in the dimensions of a compact model Jetta, the bestseller in the U.S., as part of plans to double sales by 2012 from the level of 213,454 units to 400,000. Jetta will be upgraded to 3.5 inches longer and $ 1,700 cheaper. Home sales are planned for October.

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2010-06-16 13:10, Economics.

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