Reducing of the NAHB will be the beginning of a new crisis

NAHB falls

In brief: Mortgage has become a victim of misguided policies. NAHB continues to decline.

According to currency analysts, JPMorgan, a significant decline in the index NAHB housing market due to the termination of the program providing tax incentives. Expiration of this program will have negative consequences for other important data like building permits, index of mortgage applications index MBA and the housing market NAHB.

However, at the same time, analysts said the bank, bad news does not end there. This decrease is likely to also have a negative impact on the number of housing the U.S. new home sales and the sale on the secondary market. Data about the number of housing starts will be published tomorrow. Expected to decline by 5.2%.

Ukrainian Globalist
2010-06-15 21:42, Economics.

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