“Twilight Saga: New Moon” enters the fashion of vampires

Caution: vampires are close

In brief: Vampire trend spreads over the world

Streets of towns and cities all over the world are to be filled by vampires soon. Thin paleface youngsters will walk the streets while others who differ from them will try their best to become the same. This epidemic is spread by heroes of the movie “Twilight Saga: New Moon”.

To be a vampire is now in vogue. The first who caught up this fashion were undoubtely teenage-girls from the USA. In order to look like heroes of “Twilight Saga” they colour their faces with white powder and use black eyeliners.

Caution: this trend may rapidly spread over other countries.

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2009-12-01 14:06, Society.

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  1. lindsay Says:

    Twilight rocks, can’t wait to see new moon it’s going to rock.

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