Currency exchange rates: the forecast for summer 2010

Exchange rate looks for the dollar

In brief: Exchange rates in Ukraine: the euro will fall, the dollar will rise slightly, the ruble exchange rate will fluctuate.

Currency exchange rates in Ukraine in the last few months don’t pleases speculators. Forecast for the summer is quite positive only for the dollar. Summer is a period of currency volatility. Thus, at least you can say about the former Soviet republic. The rate of national currency in third world countries are always stronger, oddly enough, it was summer. The euro exchange rate in the hot days accustomed to fall. In summer time people are looking for relaxation, and hence save money in the single European they do not want to.

Forecast of the euro in the summer remains negative. Single European currency can not rely on the strong shoulder of support because of the many problems the euro area in general and local collapses: the threat of defaults in Spain and Hungary. Greece has also not worth to write off, everything is just beginning. Euro close to 9.00 UAH to the end of the summer. Dollar exchange rate will gradually rise to a boundary mark of 8,3 UAH. per unit of U.S. currency. Dollar exchange rate in Ukraine is undervalued last six months, and therefore, sooner or later comes payback. The ruble will be the most stable. To count on growth in Russian timber can only be short intervals, in general, the ruble will fluctuate at levels – 0,255-0,268 UAH. unit of the Russian currency.

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2010-06-16 22:29, Currency news.

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