British Petroleum and Obama: criminal deception

An example of cooperation of business and government

In brief: The fine for British Petroleum is in ten or more times less than this amount of damage.

Corruption is not a private know-how in Eastern Europe. Impudent schemes are pushing the very eyes of the amazed public dollars. In accordance with the laws of the United States a penalty for a barrel of oil spill to commercial companies can be from 1400 to 2500 dollars. Each day the platform was destroyed British Petroleum spewing from 1,7 to 2,5 million barrels of oil. Do we not good reason to pick up the calculator and calculate how much is actually worth paying British Petroleum?

Thus, the catastrophe has already lasted almost 60 days. Count and a fine of 2000 dollars per barrel and an average of two million barrels a day. It turns out 240 billion dollars today – and oil continues to flow without any obstacles. At the same time, Obama speaks of “fund” – that is, not fine, but simply throwing money at the rate of twenty billion dollars – for the affected communities. Reduced fines in more than ten times – is not this nice example of collaboration between the authorities and corporations in America?

Pavel Nurminen
2010-06-17 21:00, Economics.

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