Currency exchange rates today: China believes in a strong yuan

The exchange rate today: what lies ahead of China?

In brief: China assures the whole world in the stability of its currency - the yuan. The U.S. believes that the yuan should be relaxed

Currency exchange rates today depends on China somehow. China has asked the other not to interfere in its monetary policy. Such statements can easily be perceived by major trading partners of China, as an attempt to dig up the hatchet. President Barack Obama published a letter to his colleagues of the B20, in which he raises issues of monetary policy in China and Europe’s efforts to reduce their budget deficits.

World leaders at the meeting in Toronto will try to maintain a semblance of unity that arose under the influence of the crisis and the need to prevent a second Great Depression. Now the economy recovers, so many no longer consider it necessary to play in unison. Tiankay Tsui, Deputy Minister of Finance of China, responsible for preparing the summit B20, said that “the yuan – is the currency of China and not a topic for international discussion.” Meanwhile, Obama is under pressure from some lawmakers, accusing him of connivance with China. Obama Administration refused to criticize the Celestial to improve trade relations.

Anrey Torbinski
2010-06-18 15:14, Currency news.

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