Currency exchange rate today: U.S., dollar Canada, euro and GBP

Currency exchange rate today - euro rate is stable enogh

In brief: Currency exchange rate today - dollar climbs, euro rises. Pound is under a new pressure.

Pound / dollar is testing resistance at 1.4875/85 area, with corrective rollback clearly lacking enthusiasm. So, obviously the market is set to further increase pound. Some technical traders said that the next resistance will be the region of 1.4920. Support is at 1.4860. The Canadian dollar lost some weight at the auction on Friday because of lower oil prices and signs that the estimates on the state of the oil industry and oil consumers may be overly optimistic.

Oil prices fell more than a dollar, below $ 76 a barrel. Part of the decline was associated with the forecasts of the Chinese Central Bank concerning the economic slowdown in the second half. “Oil prices came under pressure and fell below yesterday’s closing level, which is very ambiguous impact on the dollar”, – analysts said Scotia Capital. Investors, meanwhile, ignored the advice of the Chairman of the Central Bank of Canada not to take the next rate hike as something that almost happened. Key options expiring today in New York: Euro / dollar: $ 1.2300, dollar / yen: Y90.80, Y89.50, Y91.80, Euro / Franc: Chf1.3800, Euro / Canada C $ 1.2700, Australia: $ 0.875.

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2010-06-18 18:49, Currency news.

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