The economic crisis in Greece becomes social

Greece stands at the threshold of new strikes

In brief: Support for Greece from Europe, met with resistance among the local population. The excitement continues to grow.

The crisis in Greece ceased to be economic for a long time. In Athens, continuing a real social rebellion. According to calculations by economists, Greece had become bankrupt and to exclude from the budget diet all kinds of social payments in early May 2010. Eurozone supported Athens, instead of forcing the Greeks to tighten their belts tighter. The average salary in Greece is the earlier one of the highest in Europe, and unemployment rate was a record high.

The average budget of the Greek family of three was 1843 euros in March 2010. The budget of the Greek family in the summer of 1230 euros. Now the Greeks began to strike with renewed vigor. The current situation in Greece, where some union leaders, without any consideration to the prevailing situation in the country, calling the workers to leave jobs and get on noisy protests, appears on a background of contrasting calm in a default Hungary. Sometimes, it is not so much in the interests of the people themselves, really disadvantaged forced the government imposed austerity measures, but because the desire to emphasize their importance. All the more important the decision at yesterday’s emergency meeting of trade union of workers of the Athens metro solution – starting from Monday 21 June, to terminate an indefinite strike. In addressing the Council records the words that could be an example for many other professional associations of the Republic: “Employees subway understand their responsibilities to passengers and take into account the seriousness of the appeals of the political leadership of the country, so try to find a solution without blind confrontation.”

It is important that this work does not eliminate their claims to enter into employment contracts with those employees who have been denied this. Evidence Based struggle for the rights of workers and employees will continue, but it is important that union members, aware of the crisis situation in the country, are going to conduct it without any reference to such a radical measure, which is a general strike.

Anrey Torbinski
2010-06-21 08:40, Economics.

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