The stock market today – the new maximum: Dow Jones Industrial has received support from Nikkei

The Japanese stock market today: Nikkei rose to a monthly maximum

In brief: Japan's stock market started the week very fast and strong growth today. Support for Dow Jones Industrial pleases bulls.

Dow index is 10,563.78 points at the moment. DJIA gained 113.14 points (1.08%). Dow Jones Industrial Average gets new support from the country of the Rising Sun. During the first 35 minutes of trading on the exchange in Tokyo on Monday the main index Nikkei, reflecting the quotation 225 largest companies in the country, grew by 1.75% or 174.76 points, to 10 169.78 points, which is a monthly maximum. The index of wide spectrum Topix gained 13.39 points and was 898.03 points.

On the mood of the players affected by the yen, reducing fears of debt crisis in Europe, news from China, as well as the outcome of trading in the States. Recall that trading in the U.S. on Friday ended in a slight increase in stock indexes. In the markets fell slightly concerns about the prospects for the European economy. As a result of trading the index of “blue chips” Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 16.70 points or 0.16%, to 10451 points. The index of wide market S & P 500 closed down 1.48 points to growth, or 0,13%, at around 1118 points. “High-tech” Nasdaq Composite closed higher at 2.64 points or 0.11%, at around 2310 points. Last week the index Dow Jones Industrial Average rose by 2,4%, the index of wide market S & P 500 rose 2.4%, and high-tech Nasdaq Composite has appreciated by 3%. The yen against the U.S. dollar is currently trading at 90.61 – 90.64 (-0.08). Bank of China on Saturday announced that he intends to continue the reform of exchange rate policy and increase the flexibility of RMB exchange rate. In a statement posted on the bank’s Web site states that the established boundaries of fluctuations yuan (0,5% per day) remain unchanged. At the same time the Central Bank intends “to focus on the reflection of market demand, taking into account a basket of currencies”. Currently, shares of Mitsubishi UFJ rose 0.4%. Paper Mitsubishi Motor gained 0.7%. Capitalization of Hitachi Ltd. increased by 0,8% because of the yen against the euro. The index of activity in all sectors of industry in Japan in April rose by 1,8% compared to the previous month. It is worth noting that the experts expect the growth rate, which in March dropped by 0.8% during the reporting period by 2,1%.

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2010-06-21 14:34, Economics.

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